Plants are the new pets.

Ready to raise some houseplants? Looking for help with the green babies you already have? You’re in the right place. Succulents, orchids, tropicals and all things potted.

Hi, I’m Aly.

Plants are my bread and butter!

I’m Aly, a crazy plant mom to my beautiful, green children. My love for plants started long ago when I first discovered cacti, thinking they would be easy to take care of.

As a beginner, I ended up having many plants die on my watch – but I continued to research, learn and experiment.

Today, I have a thriving indoor jungle and they call me the Potted Pixie! I started this site to share everything I’ve learned about the beautiful world of houseplants to help yours flourish.


Simple starting ideas to get you well on your way to a collection of one, or many friends of the foliage variety that you will love, and will love you back.

Care & Tips

Water, light, and love. Not necessarily in that order. How to keep your flora happy and healthy wherever they live.


Your potted pets giving you attitude, or maybe a pest has moved into the same pot? A little nudge in the right direction is all you need.


The most popular wonders of the potted palace your peridot pets populate, and more answered!

Fun Stuff

Lets explore the proverbial potted rabbit hole even more! Here is some random knowledge, and fun things to keep your addiction healthily growing. Pun intended.