Essential Houseplant Toolbox!

I’m sharing all my favorite houseplant items, supplies and décor that have helped me build a beautiful indoor jungle.

You’ll find tools, soil, pots and other gadgets that make plant parent life much easier.

My post about indoor plant tools goes into detail about how you can use these items to boost your plant parent status to expert!

Need gift ideas for someone who loves plants? Below you’ll find some great ideas!

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Soil & Substrates

Best Orchid Mix: rePotme

Best All Purpose Soil: Noot Mix

Fertilizer & Plant Food

Best All Around Plant Fertilizer (especially for aroids & tropicals): LiquiDirt

Pots and Propagation

Terracotta pots (best for cacti, succulents & even aroids): these pots with drainage and saucers

Saucer trays (a life saver!): this variety pack

Orchid Pots: slotted clear pots

Propagation station (perfect gift idea): this perfect plant display

Watering & Humidity Tools

Long Spout Watering Can (makes things so much easier): this copper one is so pretty

Humidifier (essential if you have aroids, tropicals): Levoit room humidifier

Watering Globes (for when you’re on vacation): these ones are adorable cat faces!

Pest Control

Diatomaceous Earth (for fungus gnats): EasyGo

Neem Oil (for mealybugs & spider mites): Pure Neem Oil